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3 Ways to Keep Wooden Toys Safe

One of the main reasons why parents prefer wooden toys over plastic toys is safety. However, the extent to which wooden toys remain safe depends on how parents and children handle them. Many parents are not aware of how to keep wooden toys safe, which only exposes their children to avoidable dangers. As a parent, it is crucial to arm yourself with information for keeping wooden toys safe for your kids, so they can be enjoyed as they were meant to be.

Inspect Toys Regularly

Although splinters on wooden toys can be small, they can still be dangerous to a child's delicate skin. Some fragments can be challenging to notice, especially from a distance. Therefore, if you simply pick toys and toss them in a storage cabinet without inspecting them, you might end up dealing with expensive medical expenses down the road. Take time to check all wooden toys before and after play. Any splinters or rough edges you notice must be smoothed down immediately. Luckily, you can do it at home with the help of sandpaper. However, if a toy has large splintered sections, it is good to toss them out. 

Clean Wooden Toys Correctly

Just because wooden toys are polished does not mean that they repel dirt. As such, you need to keep them as clean as possible, which can be done by washing. However, you need to clean wooden toys carefully because the wrong approach is counterproductive. For instance, soaking wooden toys for too long prolongs the drying period. It increases the chances of mould growth inside wood grains, which is dangerous to children. Wiping wooden toys with soapy water is enough. You do not want to leave traces of dirt on the surface of toys if you know that your child will put them in their mouth. Additionally, use natural cleaning detergents, such as vinegar, with warm water to repel allergic reactions. Most importantly, stay away from bleach. 

Replenish Moisture

Over time, wood pieces lose their natural moisture, causing them to dry and splinter. Therefore, if your child loves to play with their wooden toys outside, you should worry about moisture loss. You can avoid splinters by replenishing the moisture content of wooden toys. The best way to do it is by using mineral oil, olive oil, or beeswax. Use a rag and apply a small amount on toys showing signs of drying and splintering. Besides, replenishing moisture enhances the longevity of wooden toys. 

For more information about wooden toys, contact a local seller.